Welcome to Music Avenue Studio.  We are a full service studio offering a wide array of services.  If you are a band looking to lay down your first demo or an experienced "studio" band looking to record your next cd, Music Avenue Studio is the place to record.  If you are a songwriter who wants to make a cd of your music, or if you don't play/sing, you can send us your song and we'll help you produce it from start to finish, giving you a master recording ready for film & TV, radio airplay or as an extremely professional demo to send to record labels.  Just click on the songwriters link to learn more.  We also offer live recording.  If you are playing a gig and want to capture a live recording, we have got you covered.  Packages starting at $200.00.  Mixing and mastering also available.
We also have our own publishing company, as well as our own indie record label....................
Music Avenue Studio
"Your One Way Street to Success"
We have professional studio musicians to help develope your song into a full production.  We can help you get published, and get your finished songs on Itunes,  Rhapsody, Amazon, and many more.  All the while, you retain legal copyrights and royalties for your songs.
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"Your One Way Street To Success"
Rates are $35.00 an hour.  You can purchase an 8 hour block for $200.00.  Once you have accumulated 8 hours, in a calender year, your rate will be $25.00 an hour.